The Importance of a Partnership Agreement

30 Sep

When establishing a Partnership Structure, the view of profits and running the business to success overshadows the possibility of any unforeseen circumstances or dispute arising. Therefore, it is always a good idea to establish a Partnership Agreement no matter whether the partnership is made up of individuals or corporations. A partnership agreement is a legally… Read more »

Tax changes in the New Financial Year

26 Jul

Tax changes you may face in the New Financial Year Everyday Australian’s are set to experience several changes in the new financial year that has commenced from 01 July 2019. The tax changes are introduced as a result of the most recent federal budget and are set to affect every Australian individual, family and corporation… Read more »

Thinking of Starting a Business

30 Apr

There are various structures to establishing a business. Our firm specialises in providing a well-tailored structure for every client. The four main and commonly used business structures used in Australia are: Sole trader Partnership Company Trust With each, there comes different business requirements and tax obligations. That’s what makes our firm stand out from most,… Read more »

Process of Obtaining Probate v Letters of Administration

28 Mar

In the state of Victoria, there are various types of grants in obtaining the right to distribute deceased assets or estates by the Supreme Court. These are, through the processes of the role of executor appointed in a valid will or by applying for the role of administrator, through Letters of Administration. However, these vary… Read more »