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Probate and Letters of Administration

Our team of lawyers are experienced in dealing with deceased estates. If you are an executor under a will or next of kin, we can assist in applying for probate or letters of administration.

It is not always necessary to apply for a grant of probate or administration, rather it depends on the assets of the deceased. A grant is however required in the case the deceased left real property (held in their sole name or as tenants in common). An application for probate or administration can only be made to the Supreme Court of Victoria if there are assets located in Victoria.

We always recommend an executor or administrator retain a legal representative to carry out this process. This ensures that the grant is obtained the correct way and that all relevant application forms and procedures, which are required by the Supreme Court, are complied with in the first instance. The Court itself is quite strict, accordingly, engaging a legal representative, who has the required knowledge and understanding of the process, saves a great deal of time for the executor and further removes the burden of having to prepare further documentation where issues are identified at the start of the process.

In the case of more complex matters, for example the original will cannot be located, or an executor cannot act, expert advice should be obtained.

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Trusted Probate Lawyers in Melbourne

Tax efficient and cost-effective probate services including distribution of property and other assets and preparation of deeds of family arrangement.

During this difficult time our team here at Karolidis & Co pride ourselves on giving you one less thing to worry about.

Contact our team today regarding assistance with a probate agreement. Our award-winning team will walk you through the process, without all the legal jargon, and provide you with affordable legal services.

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Our service is 2nd to none see our 100% 5 star reviews!

In terms of fees, our understanding is that most lawyers charge upwards of 1-2% of the estate value rather than for specific services such as us, meaning our fixed fees are considerably better value.

We charge separate fees for obtaining probate, arranging title transfers, etc rather than a % of the estate which we believe is much more transparent and fair!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Probate?

    The estate of a deceased person can only be acted upon where probate is granted. Probate is a legal document which recognises a will as valid and allows said wishes to be acted upon.
  • What if there is no will?

    You need a will to obtain a Grant of Probate. If there is no Will you need to apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration.
  • What are Letters of Administration?

    Letters of Administrations is a legal document used where the deceased has not left a will, this document is used to legally administer the deceased’s estate.
  • What is an Executor?

    An executor can be a person or group of people named in a will in charge of administering the deceased’s estate.
  • What is an Administrator?

    Where a will maker has failed to appoint an executor, an administrator is a appointed by the court and is in charge of administering the deceased’s estate.
  • What happens if there is property or land?

    If there is house of land held in the deceased’s name only, a Grant of Probate is required to sell or transfer the property.
  • Are there time limits for applying?

    No, however if there has been over 3 years since the time of passing you will require an affidavit is explaining the delay.
  • How long does a Grant of Probate take in Victoria?

    Several weeks, allow time.
  • How much does probate cost?

    Contact our Office today for a quote of all our packages.