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Whether you are purchasing an investment property or starting a new business, consideration should be had on the operating or holding entity.

Our team of lawyers and accountants specialise in providing well-tailored structuring advice for every client. When it comes to a business structure, the four main and commonly used structures are:

  • Sole trader
  • Partnership
  • Trust
  • Company

Similarly, when it comes to holding your investment property there are a few options as follows:

  • Individual Name (solely or jointly)
  • Trust
  • Company

Whether you are buying property or starting your own business, the ideal structure will largely depend on your individual circumstances and intentions as the choice of structure can have different tax and legal implications.

As we provide both legal and tax services in one place we can also assist with the following:

Business Related Services 

  • company or trust establishment
  • accounting and tax compliance
  • drafting any required agreements for use in your new business, including:
    • employment agreements
    • service agreements
    • terms and conditions and/or privacy statements
    • shareholder, unitholder or partnership agreements
  • review of any retail or commercial lease
  • assist with any business purchase or sale

Property Related Services 

  • conveyancing
  • review of the property contract
  • subdivisions
  • company or trust establishment
  • accounting and tax compliance
  • estate planning

Business contracts

Sale & Purchase

Privacy Policies & Terms & Conditions

Terms of Trade

Letters of Demand


Trademarks & Intellectual Property

Employment Contracts

Property Advice & Commercial leasing

Estate and succession planning

Shareholder Agreements



Capital raising

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Are you tired of seeking advice from both an accountant and lawyer, explaining your business and structure every step of the way? At Karolidis & Co we specialise in providing cost effective legal and accounting services to individuals and businesses from our office located in Glenroy.

For investors and businesses, accounting and legal often go hand in hand. Whether you want to structure your investment or business for effective operation or manage your tax more efficiently, it’s important you get qualified legal and tax advice to maintain compliance and ensure the best return for your business.

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Value for Money

Value-for-money legal assistance in all aspects of commercial law!

Direct Point of Contact

You’ll be dealing with the same small team of advisors-meaning you don’t speak to a new person every time you call.

Business Specialists

Specialists in business law, property and tax – we deal with all tax and legal aspects of business on daily basis.

Tax & Legal All-In-One

Tax and legal at the same place! No need to see a lawyer and then explain the circumstances to your accountant separately

Fast Turn-Around Times

Do you have urgent requirements or need immediate assistance? Speak to our team today about assisting you with fast turn around on legal services.

Able to meet YOUR deadlines

We provide ourselves with being the most punctual and efficient law firm in Victoria. Our goal is to ensure deadlines are met and minimise delays through our award-winning team and technological efficiencies.

Servicing Melbourne & Australia Wide

We are located in Glenroy in Melbourne but service businesses throughout Melbourne and across Australia.

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At Karolidis & Co we specialise in cost effective legal and accounting services to startups and small business. Our award-winning team provides the highest quality in legal and accounting services.

We understand the risks and pressures of starting and running a small business. We work with you to minimise your risk profile and manage your legal risk with clients, creditors, government bodies and other third parties.

You’ll enjoy tax and legal services all in the one place, no longer will you have to try to explain your business to both sides. We’ll be able to assist you with cost effective tax services and how to best structure your business to minimise tax.