Cooling Off Under a Contract for the Sale of Land


Section 31 of the Sale of Land Act 1962 (Victoria) provides a purchaser who signs a contract of sale for the purchase of land the ability to terminate the contract where certain conditions are met. Generally, a purchaser has 3 clear business days from when they signed the contract to exercise rights to cool off.… Read more »

License Agreements v Franchise Agreements

27 Aug

License Agreements: A License Agreement is a contract where the licensor gives the licensee permission to use something without the obligation of transferring ownership to use, in their own ventures. For instance, a business name, brand, logo or a trademark. These agreements can be specific, as to what property the licensee can use and how… Read more »

Transferring a Property Title

22 Jul

Transferring and adding individuals to a property title or amending property ownership structures is something we see often at our office whether it be parents gifting or selling property to their children or by amending the ownership structure by adding someone such as a spouse to the title or even changing the shareholding in the… Read more »