Process of Obtaining Probate v Letters of Administration

28 Mar

In the state of Victoria, there are various types of grants in obtaining the right to distribute deceased assets or estates by the Supreme Court. These are, through the processes of the role of executor appointed in a valid will or by applying for the role of administrator, through Letters of Administration. However, these vary… Read more »

Off – the – Plan Changes

23 Jan

The Sale of Land Amendment Bill 2018 was passed by Parliament where specific reforms have been implemented regarding the Sunset clause. This will have an affect anyone buying or selling property Off – The – Plan. The Sunset Clause The sunset clause is included in the contract of sale stating the specific time frame in… Read more »

Electronic conveyancing in 2018

31 Jan

Back in April 2015 we were one of the first firms in Victoria to complete an electronic settlement for a conveyancing transaction. We found the process very straight-forward and exciting as it removed the need for parties to run around with cheques, engage settlement agents to attend physical settlements and allowed real-time transfers to occur… Read more »

Structuring Your Property Investment

26 Nov

There are multiple ways in which you can structure your property purchase. Each structure has pros and cons – but each should be considered when purchasing a new investment property and sometimes for the primary residence.   Many of the advantages are not immediately apparent due to the long-term nature of property holdings.  Given the significant… Read more »

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