Commercial Leases

Our lawyers will negotiate and prepare your lease agreement to ensure you are compliant with the Retail Leases Act (if applicable) and to ensure your investment is protected.

Most commercial leases in Victoria are governed by the Law Institute or Real Estate Institute of Victoria formats with a vendor statement if the lease is a retail lease.

It’s important you seek legal assistance when signing or creating any kind of lease agreement if you wish to have the proper protection. Generally, a retail lease is preferred for tenants as it includes a number of key benefits that our team can discuss with you.

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Lease Agreements

Generally, a retail lease is preferred for tenants as it includes the following protections for tenants:

  1. Cost effective mediation through the Victorian Small Business Commission for most disputes;
  2. A disclosure statement must be produced for new terms;
  3. Prohibition on the landlord seeking reimbursement of certain costs relating to the lease – i.e. essential safety measure expenses, structural repairs to the building, land tax and legal costs (not including legal costs on transfer of a lease);
  4. Prohibitions on landlords using unconscionable conduct – protecting tenants against grossly unfair conduct by landlords such as unwillingness to negotiate and use of unfair tactics;
  5. Minimum 5-year term for lease;
  6. Landlord can only charge outgoings where the tenant has been given an estimate of those outgoings before the lease is entered into (in the landlord’s disclosure statement) and at least one month before each of the landlord’s accounting periods during the term of the lease.

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