Why do you need a contract lawyer?

When preparing tailored contract documentation, our lawyers take into account your business’ particular circumstances and draft a specific contract for YOUR business.

Costs incurred are often tax deductible and can often save you much more than the cost by preventing costly disputes with clients or partners.

We often see new clients that have entered into business with the appropriate tailored contracts drafted by a lawyer and whilst it is always possible to resolve a dispute or seek a legal resolution, it is often much more efficient if the documents were correctly drafted and executed in advance.

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How we can help

Similar to obtaining insurance, appropriate contracts drafted by a lawyer are a necessity when doing business in Australia and as such, we recommend discussing your business’ requirements and arranging documentation as soon as you are ready to start a business.

If you have already begun trading, it is worth obtaining a “health check” with our contract lawyers to identify any gaps that need considering from a contractual law perspective.

Professionally drafted contracts for your business can assist in:

  1. Preventing and resolving disputes;
  2. Protecting your business from legal liability;
  3. Helping your business appear more professional and obtain more clients; and
  4. Substantiating tax positions if queried by the State Revenue Office or Australian Taxation Office

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Boutique Firm

business solution for small and medium sized businesses

Tax & Legal All-In-One

Tax and legal at the same place! No need to see a lawyer and then explain the circumstances to your accountant separately

Business Specialists

Specialists in business law, property and tax – we deal with all tax and legal aspects of business on daily basis.

Tech Savy

Tech-savy – unlike some “old-school” solicitors – we leverage technology to provide you and your business with cost efficient services.

Business and Commercial Law

As a boutique firm – you will be dealing with the same small team of advisors-meaning you don’t speak to a new person everytime you call.

Business sale and purchases

Dedicated lawyer and accountant – our principal supervises all matters directly.

Meet Nick

With over 10 years experience, Nick has worked at Global Professional Services Firms and advised on multi-billion $ deals across almost all industries.

Since departing the large firms, Nick has been advising small and medium businesses as well as individuals using the experience gained at the top-tier law and accounting firms, for a fraction of the cost for our clients!

Quite separate to law, Nick understands business and has hands-on experience launching and running start-up organisations, including some of Australia’s first group-purchasing and consumer power platforms.

Nick has governance experience as a former Board Member of the Crowd Funding Institute of Australia and is a currently on the Board for Moreland Early Years Management, a NFP that operates six early learning kindergartens in Moreland.