Success in the Courts

We recently appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on behalf of a client who had significant outstanding infringement notices adding to a total of $75,000.  Due to the stage of the proceedings, he was facing upwards of 500 days imprisonment.

We successfully argued that, due to his circumstances, imprisonment would be unjust, excessive and disproportionate under section 160 of the Infringements Act (Vic).  His Honour considered our submissions and agreed to decrease the amount outstanding by 2/3, meaning our client’s infringements decreased from $75,000 to $25,000!  We successfully obtained an installment order for the remainder to enable our client to repay the amount at $50 a week.

Outstanding infringements are best dealt with as and when they arise.  If you need assistance in negotiating your outstanding infringements or you have been visited by the Sheriff with an enforcement order, contact our office.

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